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My name is Dodi Heru. I’m photographer from Jakarta City, Indonesia.

My life as a photographer, coming from my passion about art since i was just a kid.

One thing that i really like when walking in street, is creating images. Not just some random images, but images that i think and i like, with street photography approach-techniques.

Why photography (especially using street photography approach techniques) ?

This is a classic good question. I like street because its always will train my mental, eyes, techniques, and feelings about moment. Truth moment that come without pose or predicted or being controlled by someone give me big impact.

In street photography, i found that i have to challenge myself as a person to break all my boundaries. After that,sometimes i get surprise every-time i got unexpected beautiful scene.

In just a split of second , moments can be change. And that’s why sometimes i get surprise. Or when I’m trying / experiment with new techniques… yeah, there are a lot of space of place to experiment with your techniques. Maybe, you need new style / else or better reason is to give yourself one of the greatest things that happens in photography,  street can be your “studio”.

And other things, you dont have to have an expensive gears to get awesome images. Yes, P&S camera have same opportunity with rangefinder, DSLR, medium format, and large format if you want to. And no one, no one can tell the differences once you already edit it.

And, that’s why i like photograph with street photography approach techniques , a lot of benefit for me.


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